Monday, December 28, 2009

SF Flower Mart.

Hey there Monday.

Below are some photo's of the SF flower mart, one of the best in the country I think. What's great about this particular mart is it's close proximity to so much growing both North and South of the city. Half Moon Bay to Marine County and beyond, local farmers still carry stalls in the Mart or sell directly to the larger brokers. Pretty amazing to be able to deal directly with people growing the stuff.

Forgive my photo's- while it is a wonderful place, it still is a wholesale mart, meaning, florescent lighting and chain link stalls and plastic bins.

Below are all shots from the stall 'Florist at Large', which are these two sisters who are a touch eccentric in the best possible way. They search and forage and cut and sell. They are like these nomadic gatherer ladies. The pictures below are kind of terrible, but can you see how eclectic their stall is?

Those are wild mushrooms friends. Like the Alice and Wonderland kind. Scientific name is Amanita Muscaria. But yes, they find them wild and pick them for sale. I wish I had a little more time to make something amazing with those guys. Along with the moss and hand picked chestnuts.

While we were shopping around for our holiday flowers, we overheard a little something about some fingerling potatoes the sisters were selling. When I inquired, one sister (I can never remember which one is who) produced a plastic painting bucket filled with dirt crusted fingerlings. I picked out my batch and asked what I owed.

She just shrugged and said 'Merry Christmas'. Only in San Francisco and only at the flower mart!

Oh, and they were delicious. We had them for Christmas Dinner.

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