Monday, March 15, 2010


If I have to answer the question 'what is your favorite flower?' my quick fire response is always daffodils.

Partly because that is what we always had in our garden beds growing up. I would make little bunches and hand them out to my teammates at weekend matches. Yep, I was a pretty dorky kid.

I love their pencil thin stems and bright yellow tea cup petals. It forever makes me think of the scene in old school Willy Wonka where Mr. Wonka picks a daffodil out of his candy garden to drink the nectar as a tea, then takes a chomp of the actual cup. For a sugar deprived 10 year old, that was pretty much the stuff my dreams where made of.

They are a sure and steady sign of spring and warmer days. Even now that I live in a place that is one long sunny day, it just doesn't feel right to buy them until March (they usual start showing up at the mart around January).

Cheap and cheerful as cut flowers, hardy and super easy to grow in the garden, they are forever my favorite flower.

Trader Joe's has cuts right now for 1.39 a bunch. Or plant some bulbs. You are really supposed to plant these guys in the Fall months, but I might try to trick nature and pop some in around my citrus trees. They are great to lure bees over and according to the American Daffodil Society, like the shady companionship of a citrus tree.


  1. I do love daffodils but when asked the question for me it would have to be pink peonies.

  2. I love daffodils too, but I would have to say tulips!!