Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More from the Viceroy.

Good morning!
Here are some more shots from our shoot at the Viceroy.

I love working in Palm Springs, but the heat is definitely something to keep in mind if you are having your wedding outdoors.

To bring in a mass of color without having to worry about something failing in the sun, we made these fabric flowers. To be honest, the were kind of a pain in ass to make. I have sort of a love/hate for all projects Martha (which is where I got the template). Out of her 6 templates online, only one seemed to do the trick, so we just made different sizes and colors.

I also tried to keep in mind the heat when designing the actual flowers. Most people think of daisies and mums as to common, but when put together with a couple other things, it looks fresh and different. Anemone's hold up suprisingly well.

Same with the bouquets- pretty hardy stuff in here-

Baxter I miss you. Please come back from NY. We need our mascot.

All images Jose Villa via Green Wedding Shoes.


  1. The fabric flowers look rad. Love the dark table cloth too. xx

  2. I have had times when I want to hug Martha and times when I want to pull her hair out as well as my own! She drives me crazy but I love her. It was worth the work, the paper flowers are so fun!

  3. I know. I am the same. I really admire her, but jeez, those projects!

    Thanks for your complements ladies!