Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunprint Kit.

I just ordered one of these for my niece.

Technically two, one for me and one for her.

My sister and I used to make them as kids at our grandfather's house in Midland TX. While swimming. I think those were the only two things we did when we visited. Both activities work well in extreme sun. We also ate vitamins at breakfast time. And rainbow jello.

Um, yes, it is exactly what is sounds like. Jello layered in 'rainbow' flavors. With a finishing touch of cool whip. Chilled and cut into perfect squares. It's delicious and one of these days I'll make it again. Just to make sure it still tastes the same.

She's not even two yet, so I think it might be a bit premature, but I will be happy to help her make one of these floppy little papers and maybe we can share the results.

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