Tuesday, September 21, 2010

making hay while the sun shines. Or whatever that saying is.

It's 12am, so I've officially missed my Monday posting.

We've been busy making beautiful things and getting our hands pretty dirty. No time for photo's, but luckily, we spent our weekend with one of the best. So those pic's will be worth the wait.

All I can think about when things get nutty like this (all you other florists know what I'm talking about... it's called September) is the super amazing group of ladies I get to work with.

My friend Julie has this joke, which is, she responds to any challenge with "Ya, I'm a florist" - basically meaning she can do anything. And she can. All these gals can, and it's pretty amazing.

So when Teri is drilling our new chopper to a 2" thick block, or Jordan is scrubbing down metal garden chairs with steel wool, or Julie, Sharon and Karen are racing away to make the most perfect thing possible the quickest- I feel super lucky to be part of such a cool group of ladies and that we get to make a living loving our work.

It makes midnight market lists seem like a drop in the bucket.

And sometimes, after all the work is done, we get to sit around a pool and laugh and drink champagne out of paper cups at a decent, but certainly not fancy hotel. Like Heather here, who is always game to drive a cargo van and do installs in the scorching sun and remake bouquets in a flash because the bride forgot to fill us in on her new request for pink.

And she has one of the coolest flower tattoo's around.

Thanks all you ladies, for being so unbelievably talented and such hard workers. You guys inspire me.

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