Monday, August 22, 2011

Molly and Joe.

How great are these guys?

Molly is so awesome. Just wanted to have a great, loving wedding. And she was in my hood- so it was fun to meet up at our local coffee shop and have her drop by the studio.

She and her friends actually did the table settings- we just helped out a bit on the Personal flowers. Sharon really outdid herself. Thank you thank you Sharon for being such an amazing right arm to BPD.

These pictures made me so happy. Amazing job by OneLove and Kristeen LeBrot.

Check out the full post at Style Me Pretty here.

Read the text too. Very sweet. Taco Zone is unbelievable. None of this fancy food truck stuff. The real deal amazingness. Just like these two.

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  1. long time no comment! : )
    you did a gorgeous job Danielle!
    love love love love love the bouquet!