Monday, December 19, 2011

Goings on.

Oh hi there.
So much going on, it's hard to keep track.
Some highlights. Kind of in order-

I saw a lot of beautiful skies. In several places all over the world:

Traveled to some places I never imagined I would go and saw things I never knew existed:

Was continually amazed at what man can do with his hands and make with his imagination:

Got a hoodie for Penski as it was freezing in LA. She hates it I think. But does appear warmer:

Stood by while Miss Alyssa Brown learned to drive stick in a supersize market parking lot in Tulum, Mexico:

Got to work with my dream team on a fabulous wedding in Calistoga. Doing flowers outside, backyard style while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

Took some morning walks with Mrs. Sheofsky* and we both marveled that most peoples' work day starts in a windowless cubicle. And several times a year, ours starts like this:

There were lots of flowers and events in there too- but I'll save those photo's for the professional photographers.

I worry this sounds like a bragging my life-is-so-great-post. It's not meant to be. I've had a really, really big year. With lots changing and lots moving all at once. Some real lows and some big highs. Pick-yourself-up-and-wipe-your-tears sort of things slammed up next to I-can't believe-I-get-these-opportunities. All mashed up, one next to the other.

2011 was a bit monumental. I'm not sure what 2012 has in store, but I'm looking forward to a big, new, fresh year- full of possibilities. And saying goodbye to an extraordinary, difficult, exhausting, amazing 365 days.

I have one more job left. That I can't wait to do. I dream about it. And some really wonderful things I get to be part of in January. Life just keeps on rolling by...

Happy, happy holidays and see you in 2012.


*This is Kelsey jumping by the way--- none of the rest of us look like this when we jump. Those get deleted. I'm sure she will make me take this down- but jeez.

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