Monday, March 5, 2012


Oh I'm bummed. I'm sitting at the airport. I missed my flight by 2 minutes. And now have been roaming around Terminal 3 at LAX trying to find internet.

I would say this was half my fault and half the shuttle service being 30 minutes late. 30 minutes!!!

So now, after having two meltdowns, crying in front of more people than I have in ages, drinking a margarita at 8am, and finally getting on a new flight, I'm going blog about things happening lately.

My customer services lady on the phone gently reminded me to start with positive intent when approaching a situation. I think she was alarmed at the vigor and rage I was directing at said shuttle/parking service.

So.. with that in mind...

Two times this year Julie has taken flowers from our events and brought them to a hospice. She loves it. They love it. They call her an angel. It makes everyone feel great. And it's so easy. It maybe takes 25 minutes tops all in. It seems that hospices are really into flowers. Hospitals and other groups seem a little less interested. But the hospice people are so grateful. It makes you feel so good. Even if I'm not personally delivering these flowers- I feel like it's rubbing off on all of us- this good dead we can all share.

So, hopefully there will be more of that this year.

Last weekend we used a bunch of african violets. I forgot how much I love them. Violets and Begonias are pretty great. And both things I remember in our windowsills.

These are the things I have heard about african violets.

You need to keep them in pairs. In order to keep flowering. They cross pollenate like avocado trees.

The French give these for Valentines'. This, I'm really not sure about. But Gilly told me, and he would know. I always thought it was forget me nots. Which kind of looks like a mini african violet. Maybe I will research that a bit.

We're using them again in a couple weeks for another wedding. At the mother's request. I love when mother's have sweet requests like that. This wedding is going to be great. soft green, blush, tones of copper and a patina'd blue? What!? So pretty, right?

And. I'm just going to say it. It's not very positive intended. But man, there are a lot of people calling themselves florists lately. I was thinking about it. I've been getting paid to do flowers for 10 years now. Gilly, like 20? Julie, 10 something. Sharon, 10+?? And I don't think any of us are kidding ourselves that we are experts. There is still so much to learn.

But, lots of people out there just pop up and are experts these days. And good for them, really and truly. I do wish anyone well who wants to work with their hands, but the thing is- I'm getting shopped around a lot. And I find this really lame. I know I am, because- I too my friends, am seeing your bids as well.

So potential clients- I kindly ask. Go with your gut. On who you like. And who's style you vibe with. Don't waste everyone's time. It takes me hours to create a proposal and a style sheet for you to look over. To know it is then being handed over and someone assures you they can do it cheaper and just the same? I promise you they can't. That's why I'm me and they are them.

Be upfront with your budget and what you want. And we'll be happy to work with you no matter how big or how small. But please, keep us out of the circus. That's not why I chose this career. And I bet you, your wedding will be much more enjoyable on all fronts.

Okay. done. I feel better. I'll lighten it up next time---

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