Monday, April 9, 2012

Allison and Lowell.

This was one of the sweetest couples. Allison and Lowell wanted something as unique and special as their love for one another.

Moscow mules were their signature drink and each guest got to take home a copper mug as a momento. We brought in copper accents on the table to continue the vision.

Copper looks so great right? The forgotten metal! Such a nice change from silver and gold.

We hung lucite troughs overhead filled with walking stick, french tulips, and protea. Accented with Spanish moss as the bride is from Houston.

So happy with the overall look on this one and so happy to work with this couple and their fabulous wedding planner, Yoleine from Yellow Bird Events.

Brian Leahy captured all these amazing images and more. Check out his blog for the full post.

Thank you Allison and Lowell for having such great, unique taste!!!

And thank you to my great, amazing team, Yoleine, Brian and Marvimon!!

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