Thursday, December 10, 2009

Robert Isabell

Hello there. I've been running around up to my ears in Christmas. Not much time for typing, or picture taking.

In the mean time- I saw this a few weeks ago in the NY Times and was taken by the thoughtfulness and wonderment of this environment.

Robert Isabell was a visionary in the event design world tracing his roots all the way back to Studio 54. He died rather unexpectedly last July. Known as a very private person, he let only a few of his closest companions into his private residence in Greenwich Village.

So interesting since the man made a living throwing huge, over the top events that he would be so private in his own life.

His truly unique collection of art and wares is being auctioned off at Sotheby's this month. For the world to see. Quite a bit of sad irony there, no?

All images via The New York Times. For the full slideshow, click here. The collection will also be for public viewing starting the 12th.

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