Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Urban foraging. Or, lazily walking and finding stuff.

Hi! How about Thanksgiving? Pretty good stuff, huh?

We went to Houston and forgot all cameras. Which is such a bummer as it's not the same place I remember from my youth. That place being the pool at the YMCA because it was to painfully hot to be anywhere else.

I won't even get into how great the scrub oaks or old fashioned ice house bars are, we'll wait till I have some photo's to back it up. Now on to a post entirely unrelated.

I love bearded iris. We used to grow them in our garden as kids and to this day, I kick myself for not carrying a few of those bulbs out of Oklahoma and with me for the rest of my life.

So, I've now found that I love iris seed pods just as much! I got these mini seed pods from a friend up North and brought them back to LA. How beautiful are those little black seeds?

Don't they make the cutest boutonniere ever? Who knew the iris did that? Not me. Guess I wasn't paying very much attention to said Oklahoma garden. And they last- as in, they are dried. Which, is kind of cool, no? For those hot summer weddings?

Then, as we were walking to a movie in our neighborhood, what do I see in huge troves growing out of a chain link fence? Iris minus seed pods. So pretty, right? Like little flowers.

Oh nature! Thanks to Erin hearts Court photography for the beautiful photo of my boutonnierre!

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