Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feed the Children.

I was driving to a friend's the other day and saw this.

For some reason, when I pulled over to check out this impromtu succulent nursery, I expected some sweet little old lady to come out of her house. Imagine the opposite. Not the sweet part, but the little old lady part. A fellow who could easily belong to the Hells' Angels appeared. He sort of leaned his hands up on the top awning where the porch met the roof and asked me if I was interested. I really wanted to take his picture, but didn't have the guts. He was very sweet though. I mean, I think he was, not a lot of words were exchanged.

Anyhow, everyone does what they can, right people?


  1. Beautiful photos as always! I think you may have a second calling as a photographer....you have an amazing eye.

  2. ack. thank you. I always think my photo's are lame. I want to know all these armchair photog's get such great light.
    i feel the same way about your writing.. total second calling.