Thursday, September 22, 2011

Laura and Dustin.

This was a really great weekend. These two were such a pleasure to work with.
As was AE Events as usual.

The weather was great and such a perfect time of year for flowers. Going to the SF Mart is always a little like coming home. Same guys have been there since I started as Floral Buyer 8 years ago. The types of guys that ask about my family and offer me coffee and chocolates. It's such a special world at 5am. Peonies and garden roses were exploding. Wild Cecil Bruner and passion vine were the perfect accents.

It was also fun to run around Dawn Ranch and pick extra little bits of stuff from the property. I always feel a little bad about that. Rogue flower cutting. But slightly thrilling at the same time. Verdict is still out if this is a good thing- or a bad habit.

A very big thanks to Laura and Dustin, AE Events, Dawn Ranch and my super great team. Who are always down for the long haul and smile all the way thru it.

Thanks to Martha Stewart and B&N Photography as well.
I wish we could do this one all over!!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful wedding! Love the color scheme!