Monday, October 3, 2011

Laura and Justin.

I have a lot to say about this wedding. It was a very big deal for me. A big job with a lot of creativity and details and logistics.

And people I love very much helped me make it was it was.

So much so that Martha Stewart published this spread in their new Destination Weddings Issue out on stands right now.

That is a big deal in itself- as I never would have a imagined when I started my business, that our work would be in a magazine. I just wanted to make things with my hands and loved the juxtaposition of flowers- they seem so fragile, but are quite strong and resilient.

I am a college dropout who had a really hard time figuring out where I fit in this world. And after spending my early 20's having anxiety about what I would do when I grew up, being 30 and having a job that I love means the world. And working with such talented people on a daily basis. Such charming, hardworking, amazing people.

But, more important than any of these silly achievements is that two people got married in a very special, unique, lovely way. And yesterday was their anniversary. One year. Congratulations Laura and Justin.

Love is a fragile thing-

Go buy yourself an old fashioned magazine. Or see highlights here.

Thank you:

And my crew. And the people that love me and work with me and put up with all the long hours. These people are often my family. Thank you thank you. I love you.

Oh- and. Like Laura's style? She has the best taste. Go visit her store Flea. You won't be sorry.